Surprised at what I’m still learning about the Vietnam War

Posted By on September 22, 2017


The Ken Burns and Lynn Novick 10 part documentary THE VIETNAM WAR airing each night this past week on PBS has been eye opening even for someone who "thought" they knew their Vietnam history. I’ve read a lot of books over the years and lived through most of the war stateside in real Helicopter_Poster_promoV2time (to be honest, I was pretty young). As a few of the emotional moments were being shared, I couldn’t help but realize just how relieved my parents were when the war (and draft) ended just as their two boys were coming of age. I was personally relatively sheltered from having to make any decision, but suspect if I were a few years olbachoder, it would have been a big deal.

The early episodes (what I’ve watched so far) are exceptionally important for those trying to put the Vietnam War and the protest movement that coincided in context to the cold war and spread of Communism history. From the year of occupation and the long bloody war with the French, it was easy to see why the Americans were seen as no different by the Vietnamese people … particularly rural and in the north. The political struggle and corruption within the South Vietnamese government were many … and realizing the exact same struggle was happening (unknown to most in the US) in the North between Ho Chi Minh and his generals. Neither side trusted or believed each other or in the countries backing them (China, USSR and the United States). 


Foto Friday – What car lover doesn’t appreciate this photo?

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There is something about this classic muscle car photo that spoke to me. Maybe it the tone or just the classic American steel? At any rate, I’ll use it as the first “Foto Friday” post and see who else see this as art? Probably the only thing better would have been to include a GM vehicle … maybe a vintage Camaro?

Obit: A good friend of my parents Elinor Korte has passed away

Posted By on September 21, 2017

My brother passed along the message that one of my late mom’s closest friends passed away yesterday. Elinor Korte had many of the same interests as my mother and often enjoyed doing those activities together. Along with her husband Joe, they would regularly take interest in our family … inviting us to Indian Lake or to see their place in Florida. Both of them regularly visited with mom and dad in their final years as all were facing debilitating age issues. They friendship and compassion was most appreciated. Elinor was a wonderful lady and had an addictive smile that couldn’t help but make you feel good. My condolences to the Korte family (ALL of them including her 24 grandchildren and 46 great grandchildren! What a life!!)


Answering questions on the Motley Fool Industry Focus podcast

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Tuned into Motley Fool’s Industry Focus podcast this week talking about how drugmakers get patents and drug trials through the FDA. The Q & A segment was  helpful for those looking to understand the process and pitfalls before adding shares of these companies to their portfolios.

  Motley Fool Industry Focus Podcast (mp3) | 9/20/2017

I enjoyed the education on drug trials, but I also knew they were going to answer my question regarding “the struggling and stagnant drugstore and pharmacy business” even with aging baby boomers with more prescriptions and living longer?

Testing WordPress 4.8.2 prior to updating clients

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In looking at a few improvements and bug fixes, it also looks like the “widget” process has seen a few changes. Will test the Video Widget in the center column of the blog. So far so good — targeting Friday for customers if all goes well.

It might be time to update to Apple iOS11 on your iDevice?

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If Joanna Stern (WSJ) moves too fast, check out this longer list of iOS11 features by David Pogue at

Brenda takes a turn at babysitting our granddaughter

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One of the biggest challenges for parents who have careers that take them outside the home is how to take care of your baby? It was the biggest challenge Brenda and I faced when AnnalynBigEyes170917we had children in the 1980s … and the emotional issue is the same today.

Katelyn and Drew are fortunate to have made a job change and move from Wayzata, Minnesota at exactly the right time. This change enabling them to negotiate a few extra months before returning to work … BUT the inevitable does happen and little Annalyn needs someone to love her while mommy and daddy are away.
Thankful Drew’s mom lives reasonably close and is in town.  She has a flexible personal schedule which enables her to watch Annalyn a couple days each week. Brenda decided to use one of her days off that corresponds to Katelyn’s “current” 3-day per week work schedule – Tuesday (yesterday) was her first day as “grandma the babysitter” (I’m already a “grandpa the babysitter” veteran). There is a concern that the 4AM 3-hour drive up and 3 hours back in the same day could be taxing for Brenda especially sandwiched between her long workdays, considering she always wants to return home from “a vacation” one day early to rest up for work! Maybe when Annalyn moves to formula and food we can convince Katelyn or Drew to bring Annalyn to us on a Sunday and she can stay with us for a couple days? We will see how it goes, but for now … it is an opportunity to help out and spend time with Annalyn.

I’ve also added a couple Promedica new doctor introductory YouTube clips of Katelyn and Drew to a previous postvery doctorly!


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