Good times and great family memories in Florida #TBT

Posted By on June 22, 2017

It is too easy to stumble across great memories and think, "that would make for a great Throw Back Thursday #TBT post!" TaylorKatelynFL080618If I were to do that, there would be no end to "blog fillers" on Thursdays (or really on Wednesday evenings).

Here’s a favorite photo of Katelyn and Taylor on a trip to the condo in Delray Beach back in June of 2008. We really did have great times playing board games and being on vacation together. As folks my age are prone to saying … "time flies."

While on this trip I also now remember to keep my eyes on grass next to the walking path (especially at night) as one never knows what might be slithering up from the canal.

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Oil continues to dampen spirits of shareholders of Big Oil

Posted By on June 21, 2017

While the economy slowly improves and Wall Street waits with anticipation for congress to act on tax reform and in particular tax cuts that will cvx170621chartbring the corporate tax in the U.S. in line with the rest of the world, oil companies continue to struggle. Obviously we’re still using oil … but the "glut" is just too big for companies to reward shareholders with steady enough profits. Those holding "big oil" like Exxon, Chevron, BP and Marathon are getting crushed. At what point does demand and supply get balanced … and at what point do oil companies slow down production in order to keep oil prices from falling further?

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ElioMotors public image is still showing a stiff upper lip

Posted By on June 21, 2017

With financial concerns looming for Elio Motors, they continue to put out positive PR remarks to their "All In" reservation holders, prospective buyers and investors. Everything from their perspective is positive is a series of questions/answers  posted on their website.


One Q & A indicates that Elio Motors is "targeting 2018" to be the year they start production with all current reservation holders receiving their Elios "within their first year of production." Obviously those of us who were early "All In" reservation holders have been anxious for a long time … personally I’m just hoping they will begin production.



Glut of crude is making the oil business a lot less attractive

Posted By on June 20, 2017


Traders of oil are bearish as the previous climb above $50/barrel could not hold under the pressure of global oversupply. For those of us who remember the doom and gloom of “peak oil,” paying $4+ per gallon at the pump and jumping on the alternative fuel bandwagon … it is hard to fathom that we’re now “swimming in oil.” Obviously new drilling techniques, fracking and oil field finds have put to rest the immediate concern over “running out of oil,” but at some point if the per barrel price keeps falling, we’ll soon be at a price where the slim margins start shutting down oil operation. A lot of companies will find it more and more difficult to cover expenses and payroll if prices stay in the low $40/barrel range much longer (see WSJ 6/20/2017).


It may be time for companies to start their “shutting down for maintenance” excuses. Smile

Taking a BMW X5 35D to the track – Thanks Andrew!

Posted By on June 20, 2017

My Volkswagen TDI and BMW Diesel friend Andrew (proprietor to his BMW X5 35D to the track in Atlanta this past weekend. He posted the run on YouTube and since his “tune” and exhaust is what I put on my 2010 BMW X5 35D … it did getting me pretty excited.

Published on Jun 18, 2017

VIdeo starts with double yellow flags, skip to 4:22 for some action. Most parts and install from AARodriguez Corp. BuzzKen Exhaust JR Autotuning
This is my personal X5 diesel, you can see more on our facebook page’/fixmyvw or

Music Monday: Back In The High Life Again by Steve Winwood

Posted By on June 19, 2017

With summer almost here, it is time for some warm weather feel good music and one such song is Steve Winwood‘s  Back In The High Life Again song from 1986. I didn’t know it, but James Taylor actually sang harmonizing vocals on this single that went to #1 in Adult Contemporary music and 13 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Painted heirloom wicker chairs on this Father’s Day weekend

Posted By on June 18, 2017


It is good day when projects get accomplished. Saturday was a sunny and dry for the painting of my GREAT grandparents’ two wicker chairs (unsure, but think they were from my Grandmother Ruth “Walker” Bluhm side). My Grandmother and Grandfather Bluhm used them for years on their Wright Avenue front porch in Toledo Ohio, then my mom treasured them so much she “cable locked them” to their front porch in Sidney.

These were chairs I really wanted from my parents estate and although we used them last year, they were in need of “another” coat of protective paint (who knows how many … but I do know there was green paint many years ago — likely LEAD based???)


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