Might need to rethink our Zodiac or inflatable RIB?

Posted By on November 19, 2017

It looks like at least some sharks enjoy the taste of  rubberized, synthetic fabrics like Hypalon, PVC or Polyurethane used in inflatable tenders and RIBs! (8 second video snippet below)

Granddaughter Annalyn and I enjoy another day together

Posted By on November 18, 2017

AnnalynChewingApples171116Have I mentioned just how great it is to be a grandfather? Well it is when you have a cute and loving granddaughter like Annalyn!

I spent a day babysitting her this past week and it is amazing just how fast she is growing up and advancing. She doing "pushups" and can roll any place she want to go, but is not quite crawling yet (so close). Katelyn and Drew have introduced a few chewing items so figured I would archive the dexterity and show off her two bottom baby teeth in the video below.

A new fangled item for me was this chewing gadget. Katelyn had a couple soft apples so I cut one up and put it into this little net gizmo with a handle. Annalyn had no problem grabbing it and can chew the juice out of the peeled apple slices (the next meal was a banana and it disappeared fast).

Along with eating normal baby food from a spoon, she does an amazing job with her fingers for these tiny rice "treats" and the larger apple flavored wafers. What a great day! (video below break)


Tech Friday: Am I out of my mind upgrading to High Sierra?

Posted By on November 17, 2017

MacUpdated2HighSierraI have a perfectly functioning iMac and against my better judgement spent this morning upgrading the OS to macOS High Sierra (release about 1-1/2 months ago). Hopefully that was enough time for quick fixes because I’ve upgraded Macs too many times over the years and have often regretted the decision. Usually software and hardware requires upgrading or retirement, but so far so good a few hours in with this 10.13.1 upgrade.

The upgrade took about 1 hour and after a couple restarts (some my own and related to Parallels) and it "seems" to be ok? All the normal software, and desktop look I’ve become accustom to, looks pretty good … maybe High Sierra is a winner?

Since I mentioned failures for Apple operating system upgrades over the year, I’ll mention the big fails … at least for me upgrading. The first big frustrating upgrade for me was Apple OS 6.5 to 7 … what a struggle. The second was OS9 to OSX … oh that was a whopper of a change for me. I recall sticking with OS 9 for years as the change was such a monster. Looking back … the refinements have been amazing and not all that different than the personal computer competitor, Microsoft.

For now … I think High Sierra is a winner for Apple, so my advice is to do it!


Painting and sharpening and changing chainsaw chains

Posted By on November 16, 2017

McCullochProMac610A few of the late fall repairs to go along with splitting wood for winter is to keep my “collection” of old chainsaws running. Although I gave away my small old tiny McCulloch trimming saw from the 1980s, I still reluctantly use my bigger (translate = heavier) 20″ McCulloch Pro Mac 610 (PDF manual) with a square cut professional chain for larger trees and logs. More often than not though, I pick up my upgraded 16″ Poulan since it is newer and lighter … and sadly almost of disposable quality (they don’t make them like they use to).

Nevertheless, all three of my saws (even the tiny electric pole saw) needed their chain blades sharpened … I used a file but  considered buying a grinder sharpener … and would have if all the chains would have been the same size!


The rain came again so I checked off another item Brenda put on my list of chores to do before winter … painting the old outdoor furniture with Rustoleum – a difficult job, since I put the wicker in storage. She wants them on the front porch during winter (yes I thought it crazy too — who sits on the porch in the winter?) I argued that we didn’t need anything on the front porch during the winter … but decided it wasn’t worth wasting my breath – we all know who wins when it comes to “aesthetics” vs “logic.”


While I’m at it, I can’t resist archiving and posting my sister-in-law’s video snippet of Jerry felling a tree … thankfully he still has all his limbs! (13 second video below)


Upside vs downside in owning GE stock after a steep decline

Posted By on November 15, 2017

I occasionally receive emails or comments from friends and acquaintances who know I watch financial markets asking me to share my thoughts on investing. They really want stock "recommendations," but almost always refuse to give advice when it comes to picking and choosing individual companies. For the record, there is always financial risk and the safer route is buying a low cost ETF to spread the risk. That said, I can’t resist talking about one of if on the behemoth industrial conglomerates that a majority of investors have own over the past 100 years (as a individual stock or in a fund).

General Electric’s stock collapse this week after new CEO John Flannery outlined a restructuring plan was painful for those who hold this widely held company. Not only did his future plan include shedding smaller divisions like transportation and lighting, but also slashed the dividend by half (a big deal for most who hold GE stock). Sell orders quickly piled in on Monday and continued Tuesday … hammering the value of shares by a double-digit percentage drop.


Being an in and out owner of GE over the years, I was tempted in to buying after seeing this bellwether company slump; I broke my self-imposed 3-day rule for buying and selling "on news" and purchase on the first day (mistake) and second day of the decline (still a mistake).  Hopefully in the long term this impulse buy is one I will not regret?

*** Giving the free TradingView.com chart embed a try for the GE stock above ***

A restaurant stock with OUR figure skating twist $BWLD

Posted By on November 14, 2017

Always interesting when personal stories intersect with financial stories.


Roark Capital has made an offer to buy Buffalo Wild Wing

  • Roark Capital has made an offer to buy Buffalo Wild Wings, a source familiar with the matter told CNBC.
  • Roark made an offer of more than $150 per share, the person told CNBC. Shares surged 28 percent after the Wall Street Journal initially reported the offer.
  • Shares of the restaurant chain have shed 24 percent this year.KatelynSkatingChautauquaNY

 Wall Street Journal Story 11/13/2017


A couple decades ago while living in Hudson, Ohio we took our “little girl” (photo left)  Katelyn skating at the ice rink at Kent State University near our house. Little did we know that she would enjoy figure skating enough to start lessons once we moved to Cincinnati. As she excelled in the sport, we found ourselves in the Queen City Figure Skating Club and hiring experience Olympic level coaching … Dave and Rita Lowery. As is the norm, the travel and competitions became a family affair through most of Katelyn’s Junior High and High School years (and eventually as a skating coach herself, became a excellent part time job). As with 99% of figure skaters, there is only so much dedication and money before a decision needs to be made as to how far one can go with skating; thankfully Katelyn made the right choice and decided her best option was pursuing a career in medicine! CBW3logoedit

Back to the “financial” part of the story. We often heard of the Lowery’s connection to Buffalo Wild Wings and after hearing yesterday’s news of a takeover offer of $2.3 billion had me remembering Dave telling me about his connection to founding of “BW3” (originally Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck).

1980s Beginnings

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982 by two longtime friends, Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery. Disbrow was born in Kentucky, and had moved to Cincinnati at the age of 11 to live with figure-skating coaches David and Rita Lowery, who later became his legal guardians. Their son Scott, ten years younger, grew up regarding him as a brother. Disbrow was a talented skater, and was named an alternate to the 1968 U.S. Olympic team, later touring with the show Holiday on Ice. In 1974 he moved to Buffalo, New York, and it was there that he first experienced a spicy local version of barbecued chicken wings that had originated in 1961 at a place called the Anchor Bar.

One day in 1981, while judging a figure skating competition at Kent State University in Ohio, Disbrow met up with Scott Lowery and the pair decided to get themselves some Buffalo-style chicken wings. They looked everywhere in town and couldn’t find any, and out of their frustration came the idea to open a restaurant of their own.

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Music Monday: A Jackson Browne leftover from last week

Posted By on November 13, 2017

While posting something newer on last week’s Music Monday blog post, I wanted to include For a Dancer from  Jackson Browne‘s 1974 Late for the Sky album … but it was once again from the 1970s.

So this week I’ll post from Browne again, but return to something older. Enjoy.


Desultory - des-uhl-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee

  1. lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful: desultory conversation.
  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.