Tech Friday: Making power adapters last longer

Posted By on October 20, 2017

bendingthewireHere’s a short tip for making power adapter wires last longer when traveling or packing them in a computer bag: When winding the cord, don’t wrap the first loop too tight.

The usual fail points when cords are coiled over and over are where the wires enter the power block or the plug, so allow for a long "lazy" loop when starting the wrapping … and end the wrap keeping the plug in end flat against the power block when possible. By doing this, the AC power cord will last for your devices life.

Hidden photos of my kids in a frame that sits on my desk #TBT

Posted By on October 19, 2017


While cleaning a favorite photo of Katelyn and Taylor with me that sits on my desk from back in the 1990s (above), I broke the frame and found another photo tucked behind it. It was enjoyable enough to scan them in and call it this weeks Throwback Thursday #TBT post. What great kids both then and now! (2 more below)


A new OLD Jimmy Buffett album to be out next month

Posted By on October 18, 2017

It looks like “old” Jimmy Buffett fans will be treated to some new OLD music on November 17th?

A few years ago, when legendary Nashville producer Buzz Cason sold his recording studio, there was some cleaning up to do. That is when Jimmy learned that they had found a sizeable collection of 1⁄4-inch tapes that were the original demos of songs Jimmy had written and recorded for Buzz when he was writing for his publishing company in the late 60’s. It turned out that there were over 125 songs in that pile of tape boxes. In addition to the song demos were also the first recordings Travis Turk had engineered in Mobile, and that is where the whole story of Buried Treasure begins.


The DJIA cracks 23,000 for the first time on 10/17/2017

Posted By on October 17, 2017


It’s just a number, but one that is reminiscent of the Greenspan “irrational exuberance” days back in the late 1990s during the dot-com bubble … but the business news media types cheered the mid-day number (yet to see where the market will close).

One has to chuckle at as to just how wrong a Nobel Prize “expert” economist Paul Krugman (New York Times Columnist) after the election of Donald Trump can be:

So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”

— Paul Krugman, November 9, 2016

As my weekly travel decreases, data connectivity is finally good

Posted By on October 17, 2017

2003VWJettTDIsetup070828My mobile life is FINALLY working the way it should, just as my road life is slowing down. I’ve been monkeying around with the "mobile office" for A LOT of years starting with a 1999 AWD Chrysler Town & Country back in the late 1990s before mounting my Palm Treo in my great little Volkswagen Jetta TDI with a mounted Gateway laptop in the 2000s (photo right).

 The iPhone7plus paired with my iPad Air2/Brydge Keyboard and VirginMobile connection makes it easy and offers almost everything I need to stay connected while on the road at a currently affordable monthly fee – $10.08/mo after my June 2017 iPhone purchase.

POTUS_171016The new setup is running well at the moment and with LTE Internet streaming I’m considering giving up my SiriusXM set-up in my BMW X5 35d (or Honda Pilot)now that audio (and video if needed). The iPhone interfaces well with the new AVIN navigation setup and information display and can send video to the screen or audio (my preference) to the car speakers.  With the screen quality of the iPhone7 Plus, the video on the phone isn’t a bad way to tune into a press conference (above yesterday) or Fox Business news update. The decision now is whether to use SiriusXM, a browser based streaming feed or the Slingplayer app accessing the Slingbox 350 at the house?


Music Monday: Have I been following and listening this long?

Posted By on October 16, 2017


This past week the "Years Ago on this Day" center column of My Desultory Blog I noticed a Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers post from October 2014. The post was their first video after they moved from a "van" (aka: Van Sessions) to a larger bus. It was a fun "from the road" Brewer and Shipley song on You Tube video, but the surprising part for me was that I’ve been listening to them since April 2012 (5 1/2 years)! Here’s a somewhat newer song.

The NFL off and NASCAR on as another week goes by

Posted By on October 15, 2017


Disappointed to be still NOT watching NFL football on Sunday afternoon (week 6), but for the most part there are plenty of autumn chores to keep me busy. Unfortunately the rain came this afternoon and while grabbing a snack at the new kitchen counter, flipped to NASCAR just as I did last weekend. It is not the same as watching football, but at least the drivers, teams and NASCAR kneeling49ers2016organization demonstrate the appropriate respect for out flag and national anthem.

Although some argue that the first amendment gives citizens the freedom to protest and in this case disrespect those who wear the uniform (or those who have sacrificed for this country), it also offends many who are disgusted with players picking the national anthem and following Colin Kaepernick’s stunt as the time to protest (not to mention his reason). Unfortunately for the NFL, sponsors, networks and players, they will in turn eventually feel the consequences of fans tuning out. I had thought by now the cooler heads of owners and management would have come up with a solution?

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