A long BMW X3 test drive — well, a loaner car

Posted By on February 7, 2016

While our BMW X5 35d is in the shop and waiting for a few parts, I was given a pretty nice loaner car or the weekend – X3 XDrive 28i.

After buzzing around town for a coupled day, I must say that it is nearly a 10 in my book. I’m impressed with the styling, the large comfortable interior and impressive BMW driving characteristcs. (more…)

Keeping the old diesel running in the wintertime

Posted By on February 6, 2016


It has been surprisingly mild in Cincinnati for February that I decided to get the old girl out of the garage.  It wasn’t particularly warm last night when I got home, but the drier air and snow-free roads were excuse enough to drive the old Mercedes Benz 300D Turbodiesel in the winter  … besides the other car was finally getting a few nagging repairs taken care of at the BMW dealership (ouch!).  The simplicity of the old cars is something I appreciate more and more each year.

Life skills for the long haul: 8 Financial Decisions

Posted By on February 5, 2016

piggybankgoofySome simple financial steps, 8 to be exact, to follow from Money were shared this month and they are worth reading and remembering. I’ll post below in case they disappear … but you should read it here.

1. Save More for Retirement
How much money will you need each year to enjoy a happy and healthy retirement? That depends on what you want to do after you leave the working world. You’ll need more money if you plan to travel the world, and less if you envision days spent reading, binge-watching TV, and playing with your grandchildren.

A survey released last April by the Employee Benefits Research Institute suggests that more workers understand they’ll need large amounts of money to enjoy their retirement years. The survey found that more than one in 10 workers think they’ll need to save at least $1.5 million for their retirements. That’s a lot of money. One way to reach such a lofty goal? Put away as much as you can each year now, even if your retirement days seem far away.

You’ll never regret your decision to maximize your contributions to your 401K plan or your annual deposits to an IRA. Start boosting those savings today.

2. Building an Emergency Fund
What happens if your furnace conks out today? What if your car’s transmission needs to be replaced? If you’re like too many people, you’ll put the cost of replacing these items on your credit card, building your debt.

The better option is to draw from an emergency fund of cash that you have already saved, usually in a savings account. Financial experts recommend that you build an emergency fund that can cover at least six months of your daily living expenses. (See also: 6 Emergency Fund Myths You Should Stop Believing)

This might seem daunting. But if you deposit what you can each month — even if it is as small as $100 — that emergency fund will steadily grow.


Archive: Motor mount adjustment tools need for Encore

Posted By on February 4, 2016

VolvoMotorMountWrenchesWhile working on aligning the Volvo diesel on Encore last week, I realized that my tool bag didn’t have the correct wrenches to adjust the motor mounts. I’m archiving the correct tools  for the future. To adjust the Volvo alignment requires a feeler gauge and TWO 15/16” open ended wrenches – one needs to be cut off or a stubby.


The election season has started … like it or not

Posted By on February 3, 2016

Cruz TrumpWe may be proud to be living in a representative democracy, but watching the political sausage being made is probably as disgusting as going to a slaughter house to see the production of real sausage.

This past week kicked off the 2016 primaries with the Iowa caucus. After months of political speeches from the large field of GOP candidates (and three Democrats), Iowa voters picked their favorite candidates. The big showdown was between Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) and Donald Trump … Cruz came out on top, but the big surprise was  Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) who score a big win coming in a close third. As they say in sports and politics … Rubio has the big MO.

Rubio tweet


Obit: My Aunt Fran (McClure) Corbett passed away at 82

Posted By on February 2, 2016

FrancineCorbettObitIt has been a challenging few years for the “greatest generation” in my family as age and death is catching up with us. My brother Ron called this past weekend to let me know that my Aunt Fran (my dad’s brother’s wife) passed away on Saturday. My sympathy goes out to my cousins and my Uncle Sonny. May the “peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard your heart” and ease the pain until you are united again.

Francine M. Corbett, 82, of Hudson, Michigan passed on unexpectedly to be with her savior on January 30, 2016. She was born on October 10, 1933, in Toledo, Ohio the daughter of Paul and Zoe (McClure) Sharrock. She married the love of her life, Earl Corbett, on December 8, 1952, in Toledo, Ohio.


Where there is more wind aloft, sail like these ladies!

Posted By on February 2, 2016

I really wanted to title this “blonds have more fun” but unfortunately the members of this fine crew are brunette. On the other hand, the skipper may be detecting a little more wind aloft???

Desultory - des-uhl-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee

  1. lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful: desultory conversation.
  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.