Frank Giovinazzi interviews VW PR guy

Posted By on October 20, 2005

Carbuyersnotebook Diesel ScenerioSome of your reading my blog are diesel drivers and find the VW TDI or diesel content interesting so I’m making a late afternoon entry to point you to one of my favorite journalists and podcasters, Frank Giovinazzi. He had an opportunity to interview Tony Fouladpour, public relations manager of Volkswagen and talk about VW TDIs, diesel fuel and what the future ‘might’ hold for them in the US. I found Mr. Fouladpour comments rather reserved, how about you? Check it out over at


  • Rich, thanks for the post and the kind words. The posters over at the TDI Club, however, OUCH.

    You always treat the ones you love [VW] the worst!

    Frank G.

  • bill vassar

    not sure if this is the proper forum, but…
    i have ordered a new 200 jetta tdi manual w/package 2.
    i plan on towing this vehicle behind a motor home.
    any problems?

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