VW TDI: Bengalmobile

Posted By on October 7, 2005

Excitement in SW Ohio is already starting for the Cincinnati Bengal faithful. After a stellar 4-0 start the fans are anticipating great things from this confident group of players. A huge credit has to go to the outstanding performance of the defense; they have never had an offensive killing defense capable of generating turnovers like this group. The Bengals defense has had the best start in their history, allowing only 38 points while the offense has racked up 104 points only four games into the season. Team and fan confidence is high … we have a WINNING attitude. Is it to early to begin thinking post season football???

Interestingly, a fellow TDI driver, Ralph Wirth and owner of QuadPit.com a graphics company in Jamestown, Ohio, has graphically enhanced his VW TDI Golf. Outstanding job of showing Cincinnati Bengals football excitement.

Dan Bengals FanOn a Personal note: I’d love to decorate a friends car for his next tailgate party ‘in Cleveland, Ohio.’ Dan is ‘huge’ Cleveland Browns fan and would enjoy having a little color “exactly like the one above” on his prize VW TDI named “Spot” … I can just see his tailgate buddies ‘green’ with envy! All in good fun ‘Speedo Dan.’


  • mike

    Dan’s a little rough on the outside, but truly is a little, cuddly bengal tiger on the inside! Awwwwwww

  • Dan Sycks

    Oh Rich… that really hurts brother. If it wasn’t actually funny I may have to be upset. Just wait til I figure up some extra fun way to get fitting revenge… =-)

  • Well, I could make a “covert graphics kit” that can rapidly be applied in stadium parking lots? That way Dan can come out of the closet and show his real love for the Bengals.

    I also hear the stripes also increase fuel economy due to the added turbulence increasing the boundry layer around the car and streamlining it’s shape? So, in other words, don’t just do it for your love of the Bengals, do it to help save the world by reducing fuel consumption?


    (Sorry Dan, I don’t know you but just had to have some fun)

  • Dan Sycks

    I did in fact hear that there was some fact to the improvment in mpg’s for the Bengal TDI. Seems as if the smell of the stripes is in fact so heinous that the air in front of the car actually tries to get out of the way. The same technology is being used by a fellow TDIer who lives out west who put the ugliest wing you ever saw on a NB TDI. Your secret is out Ernie!

  • Stripes and Smell … I hope your not turning on ‘diesel’ powered cars? I already get to many comments from ‘gasser’ drivers questioning why I drive a ‘stinky diesel?’ As for the “ugliest wing” on Ernie Rogers NewBeetle … see this post.

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