Racy Mini

Posted By on January 20, 2006

Racy Mini AdI’ve noticed that the BMW Mini brand has some interesting advertising on its Canadian website. IMHO this is an ‘effective use of Flash‘ in web design, but perhaps its a bit ‘racy’ for the US markets? Actually, even though I’m considered a bit of a prude, I found this ad very effective. I’m not suggesting that I would rush out and buy a Mini Cooper (or dress my wife in leather), but I’m now a bit more interested in what Dave Lewis has upstairs? Click here for the Mini Cooper ad and here for “what Dave has upstairs.”
*** Note: Previous comments on the Mini Cooper.



  • ken gilpin


    My brother sent me this link. He has the VW with the Welsh Springer in the front seat. I saw the article RE:Mini and wanted to tell you that despite what BMW says you can flip one. My wife flipped her 2004 on Thanksgiving morning. Icy road, a little fishtail(twice), some wind and up it went. Landed dead on its roof. My daughter walked away, my wife was pulled out through the window. No air bags deployed. If you would like to see pictures I have them saved in another file. She didn’t buy another Mini. Thought you might like to know.

    Ken Gilpin

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