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Posted By on June 16, 2006

GraphicI’ve often been asked if it is acceptable to post audio and video clips on a blog. My answer is a that I believe it is appropriate; the broadcasting industry would probably disagree. I hope they eventually see the benefits from the free advertising and that it does not infringe on their work … I’ve yet to hear them ask small bloggers to stop. I generally post clips that are either news oriented — ‘dated’ clips that are old news after the broadcast — with direct links (free marketing) for the broadcasting network and particular program or post ones that are permitted by the owner. I rarely have posted full broadcasts, but instead include just segments as one would do with ‘written quotes’ while giving credit to the source.
Michael GeistI recently listened to a podcast by a Canadian Internet law specialist, Michael Geist interviewed by Amber MacArthur that backs up my ‘non-lawyer’ opinion. It might clarify my justification for including clips on my blog. You can listen or download the mp3 interview here. (by the way, I’m against Internet piracy, illegal file sharing or profiting from copying video and audio for resale, but not for personal use)


  • Tim

    I know this isn’t a exact match to your topic, but it was something I was reading earlier today and closely related.
    The RIAA is issuing cease-and-desist notices to users of YouTube and Google Video that create “music videos” due to the fact that the music they are dancing to is copyrighted.

    I think its just a matter of time before news sites follow up with issuing notices to blog owners for using news content.

  • Good link Tim. I recall hearing about that. I started using Google Video for a few things as well thought about YouTube. After having the quality semi-compromised (although its improving) I decided the long approval process and critique of content wasn’t for me. I’m not particularly interested in high number of viewers anyway so whereever hits come from is fine … I do the blog for a personal thing.

    I think it is a mistake to x out ‘lip-sync’ and ‘dance video as I can’t imagine a record label losing sale over such a thing? Frankly, I see it as generating more interest and stimulating people to purchase the real thing … but then the content holder can sue to protect whatever they want? Who wants to deal with lawsuits when they are most likely not going to be winable?

  • anonoymous

    It will be a sad day when the internet goes full commercial. I suspect that content litigation will provide the lawyers with a ‘virtual’ 😉 field of new class action lawsuits.

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