Bio-diesel Man: Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs

Posted By on February 12, 2007

Discovery Channel will be rebroadcasting the Bio-diesel Man episode on the program “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe. Tune in on either February 13th at 9PM, February 14th at 1AM or February 17 at 1PM.
Part One:

Part Two:


  • Rich:!.pdf

    Link to a comprehensive text and graphic presentation covering Donna.
    Will Barbeau is an old buddy from my days with Loctite in the 60’s, 70’s. He was our PR consultant and put Loctite on the map with his prolific work. He helped in putting together this page covering Donna, last Fall.
    Will is long retired, but we maintain contact.
    I live in Canton Ohio and work for Timken there.

    Thanks for your support of Donna. Will is putting together a greeting for her when she returns to Rhode Island. Sometime around May 1.

    Another web effort of mine is check out the video links there.
    Some neat videos (Mercedes, Ferrari, MGB Park) reside here.

    My ride is a Mazda MP5 with License Plate ZOOM OH

    Bruce Kennedy

  • Thanks for the detail comment and links … nice photos.
    I’m up in your neck of the woods every week, in fact spent 13 great years living in Hudson, Ohio. I’ll keep my eyes open for your ZOOM OH plate if you look out for my VW Jetta TDI with a BIODZL plate. Thanks again for the links … I enjoyed the PDF and look forward to Will’s greeting party for Donna. Stay in touch.


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