I-Doser: Binaural Brainwave Doses – huh?

Posted By on May 17, 2007

I heard a news story today that referenced an Internet music portal … for lack of a better description … that sells a product that the reporter referenced to several illegal drugs. The ‘doses’ as I-Doser.com call them, are delivered by headphones and the company claims their “advanced binaural beats that will synchronize your brainwaves to the same state as the recreational dose. Mixed with our advanced auditory pulses are soothing backtracks of ambient soundscapes to help the brain induce of state of mood lift, euphoria, sedation, and hallucination.”

I’m not quick to part with my dollars, so if someone reading so inclined to purchase and give us some feedback that would be helpful. The ‘doses are available as PC downloads, MP3 for i-Pods or on audio CDs.
By the way, the company doesn’t guarantee results, but they “advice you try the I-Doser Application and Free Doses to see if I-Doser works for you.”


  • I just tried this new service on http://www.i-dreamdoser.com, based on binaural waves that makes relax and conditional dream.
    I’ve tried it and it seems to work!
    Is there someone else that experienced the same? can you share your experience and post some feedbacks

    thanks in advance

  • Gyro

    Yes, this technology does indeed seem to work! I have been usingBrainwave Entrainment CDs from Brainwave-Sync. Specifically their ‘Shamanic Consciousness’ CD which apparently mirrors the brainwaves created from ingesting the shamanic brew ayahuasca.

    I have yet to try i-doser – but if it is only half as good as Brainwave-Sync then it will certainly be work a try!

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