New Greek Restaurant opens today

Posted By on July 14, 2007

Greek Isle Opens
A new friend, Konstantine Karvelas and his wife Maria opened their restaurant today. (article in the Pulse Journal) We were anxious to try the food and experience the service … my daughter is working there … and both were very good.

Although I’ve been hanging out with Konstantine over coffee several times a week admiring the new decor, equipment and sampling sandwiches, I was nervous for him as the opening day drew near. From the opening day line and the enjoyment most customers seemed to show, that was unnecessary. I think the Karvelas family have found a great niche for Liberty Township. If you are in the area and in the mood for an authentic Greek sandwich. Greek Isles, is located in the Yankee Shoppes retail center at 7037 Yankee Road, just west of Cincinnati-Dayton Road in Liberty Township.



  • Tim

    I am really excited about this, although I doubt I will eat there more then 1x a month at best. Best part is you can enjoy a coffee right next door 😉

  • Yup … the Coffee, Beans and Brew is the best part. (free Internet too)

  • Laurie

    Best Greek Food in the Tri-State and the owners are wonderful, warm and really genuine. I have gone 5 times since they opened and tell all my friends about it!

  • Rebecca Murphy

    Greek foods are like asian foods, they are both tangy and very spicy.

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