From Spiders to Snakes — a little help?

Posted By on June 20, 2008


Ok, so I used to figure out the spider in this post, but its a bit more challenging for a ‘non-snake’ loving guy to figure out what this snake is? We’re in south Florida if that is any help, but I wasn’t going to inch close enough to this fellow/lady to try and figure out if this was a water moccasin or some kind of water snake. (its pretty big … probably about 6 feet long — click photo for larger image)


I’m open for links or suggestions … one person here thought that it might have been a pet snake that was released???


  • Milo Strickland

    If that’s a light colored horizontal “eyebrow” on the head, my vote would be water moccasin. They are not a ‘shy’ snake, so behavior could also be a clue.

    This viewpoint, the back of the snake moving away, is exactly what you want to see.

  • Thanks Milo. A few friends commented that it didn’t appear to be a water moccasin — they suspected a non-poisonous water snake … I didn’t let him nibble on me to test though!

    • Daustin11

      That’s a very large brown water snake. Omg

      • Thanks for the comment … my conclusion was that it is an “older” adult Southern “Banded” Water Snake (see lower section of this description).

        In both subspecies the crossbands tend to darken as the snakes age, and large snakes may be a nearly uniform dark-color.

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