Big Fish — and not the Tim Burton movie

Posted By on November 29, 2008

Big FishWhile spending the day around home, I walked around the neighborhood and noticed one of the grass carp (white amur) was belly up around our lake. I headed back to pick up the shovel and rack … and realized I would probably need a wheel barrow to haul this 20 plus pound fish home. It is one big fish.

My daughter was with me and decided the comic event was enough to capture on her cell phone.


  • paul kraus

    Hey rich, we had stocked those in our pond too. back in the 80s, we raised catfish in cages. when we’d motor (5hp) back to shore along the shallows, the grass carp would jump in the wake. Dad had one jump the boat between bow and stern. Had it hit him or my brother, it would have surely taken one of them with it.

  • jimbreen

    Looking back at this post and had to laugh.

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