Gov. Palin to talk with Greta Van Susteren “On The Record”

Posted By on November 10, 2008

Gov. Palin Home in Alaska

There are times I feel sympathetic for the Palin family after seeing the treatment from the opposition, the media and by some of the McCain campaign operatives; much of it is  unfair. On the other hand, when “glancing out of her living room window” (above) that just plane [pun intended] has me envious — life ain’t so bad when you can come home to a view like this?

Greta Van Susteren, on her FoxNews 10PM program “On The Record,” will talk with Gov. Palin and her family back home in Alaska. She included a few short video snippets and photos on her blog on Monday. It sounds as it they are taking the campaign loss in stride … and is probably far more comfortable in Alaska that in Washington DC.


  • Alaskan Queen

    I would take a right winger to see this as worth of posting. You FauxNews people won’t give up on this uneducated boob. I’m ashamed to be from Alaska seeing that we have elected this puffed up, over dressed, pitbull as our governor. I’m just glad the rest of the country saw through her “fast talkin’ ways.”

    Move on to better subjects Rich. I thought you might be done with your GOP political commentary seeing how the nation is more interested in seeing what government can do for the people rather than what they spent the last 8 years doing for corporate fat cats.

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