Ohio called for Obama; it looks like the election is over

Posted By on November 4, 2008

McCain ObamaAccording to FoxNews at 9:15 PM, they have announced that Ohio has gone to Obama with 9% of the vote counted. The projection is early, but after watching a significant number of other states fall, the election looks to be over. Unless something freaky happens, the next President of the United States is Barack Obama. (time to take an Advil)



  • Life will go on. Please don’t tell me you are in the doomsday scenario camp. You’re too intelligent and successful, yourself, to be that.

    PS: I have a headache too. People talking politics talk too loud, too much, and that coupled with a rambunctious toddler means I have a doozy of a headache today (haven’t gone to bed yet and almost 2 AM here.) Tis life.

    Now’s time to see how everyone plays together and get back to the business of running the country.

  • Life will go on … no doomsday from me. I just differ in political philosophies from our new President-to-be.

    Obama is still difficult to pin down on just where he will actually govern? He started from a far left position and has inched a bit more toward left-center as he campaigned throughout the U.S. — he had a moderate position on gun ownership, tax cuts for some, will use a “scalpel to cut government waste,” plans to beef up military in Afghanistan and won’t hesitate in crossing into Pakistan to get Bin Laden. Its yet to be seen if he’ll be able to afford a bigger bureaucracy, but I suspect he does see a bigger role for government than most conservatives of my persuasion do?

  • That last bit all blurs for me when I think about the unprecedented bailout (er, what do they want us to call it, rescue) bill and its support by both Obama and McCain, as well as many others from both parties. And they (those who received first bailout) want more.

    Little of what either candidate hoped to achieve is likely to occur quite the way they envisioned/planned due to the economic and wartime period we find ourselves in.

    I don’t envy our next President, and am grateful that people like McCain, Obama, etc. are willing and able to withstand the grueling campaigning and still seek that high office.

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