Motorweek picks 2009 VW Jetta TDI as Drivers’ Choice

Posted By on February 14, 2009

Rear view of VW Jetta TDI

For those of us already familiar with the new clean diesel breeds, it will come as no surprise that long running PBS automotive program Motorweek selected the 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI as the Drivers’ Choice Award winner. They previously reported positively on the VW TDI although on in February announced it along with all their 2009 automotive category winners. (Youtube clip below or higher quality here)

Drivers’ Choice Award —  2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI clean diesel


  • Alaskan Queen

    I haven’t check on your blog for a while but enjoy your odds and ends. Glad to see the car you promote is recognized by more and more automotive sources. When will this technology be in American made SUVs, Pickup Trucks and Minivans?

  • Paul Kraus

    Dad just took his on a round trip to San Fran for the NBB conference where he also gave Pete an award for Earthrace. They stopped by here on their way back and got to drive it. So much more quieter than my passat. He said as he nears 6k miles, the breakin mileage is getting closer to 50 hi way.

  • Thanks AQ and Paul. I’m not sure I can promise that there is an American made “clean diesel” that can compete with the VW, Mercedes or BMW diesels, but we can cross our fingers the we’ll see Cumming produce a smaller diesel for pickups?

    Great to hear your dad had a good trip to San Fran and the NBB conference. Nice to hear that we recognized Pete and all that worked on Earthrace.

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