How long will the Twitter phenomenon last?

Posted By on March 17, 2009

SenJohnMcCain AvatarGeorge S avatarI’ve been enjoying using Twitter after a brief learning curve trying to figuring out how to get my head around the concept of following 140 character text messages (TweetDeck is my favorite client on a computer). Surprisingly it can be somewhat addictive even for someone who is a not hyper-stimulated video gaming kind of guy. That said, I’m starting to notice the burnout phase kicking in for early adopters and am wondering just how long this phenomenon will last.  A couple issues besides the 140 character message limits that begins to wear on one is the abuse of the hashtag (# followed by tag) when users include several of them and the spam tweets that start to sift into the stream of monitored chatter.

An interesting ABC interview is taking place over lunch with George Stephanopoulos, @GStephanopoulos, interviewing Senator John McCain, @SenJohnMcCain, exclusively on Twitter. It will be interesting to see how the question and answer session goes and if this trend will continue? Here are the first few exchanges I’ve grouped on TweetDeck.

twitter on mccain interview


  • Kim R.

    I’ve been wanting to understand the purpose of Twitter and can start to see what it is all about. I will have to sign up since it is free. (it is free right?)

  • William Sheaver

    Yes the Twitter social networking is free Kim.

    I’m with you Rich as for the burn out of this trend. It is addictive to use, but I’m not sure how much reading really is going on for all the tweets.


  • Here’s an update from ABC …

    March 17, 2009 12:40 PM

    Today, I tried something new.

    I interviewed Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., via Twitter, the micro-blogging website. I received a lot of questions for the senator from the Twitter community — thanks for those.

    McCain and I discussed the AIG bailout and bonuses; whether he agrees with former Vice President Dick Cheney that President Obama has put nation at risk of a new terror attack; which nation worries him more: Iran or Pakistan; and his reaction to his daughter’s recent feud with radio talk show host Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter.

    McCain said it is “too early” to tell if President Obama has put the nation at risk of a terror attack, refusing to agree or reject Cheney’s recent comments. McCain also said he is working on alternatives to Obama’s budget plan, and pointed to Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., as someone with “great ideas.”

    On his daughter, Meghan’s, recent feud with Ingraham and Coulter, McCain said he’s proud of his daughter and “she has a right to her opinions.”

    Below is a transcript of my “twitterview” today with Sen. McCain. It was an interesting experiment!

    –George Stephanopoulos

    SenJohnMcCain hi george im a little slow

    SenJohnMcCainHappy St. Patricks day

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain Happy St Patrick’s Day! First things first: How do u tweet — dictate or type? Blackberry or pc?

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos Happy St. Patrick’s day – slow, sometimes pc somtimes bb

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain AIG: Would a President McCain break bonus contracts? Obama teams says that would cause more harm than good

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos i would have never bailed out AIG, the real scandal is billions to foreign banks.

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain ok, but today: should bonus contracts be broken? Dodd wants a targeted tax on bonuses OK with that?

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos i haven’t seen it but i would explore every option. i repeat, we wouldn’t have this problem if we hadn’t bailed them out

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain RIght, but didn’t you vote for first TARP, which went to AIG?

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos i voted for first tarp but that doesn’t mean i voted to bail out AIG.

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain Obama says GOP can’t “just say no” on budget Will you offer a full alternative to Obama budget?

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos I’m working with others on alternatives – cong paul ryan has some great ideas.

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos to follow up – first AIG bailout was pre-tarp.

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain Take point on 1st AIG bailout How about budget? Will you offer alternative?

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain What worries you more: Pakistan or Iran?

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos both. the challenges are different but both significant.

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohMcCain Cheney said on CNN that Obama putting US at risk of new terror attack Agree?

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos too early to draw that conclusion.

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain Lots of twitterers want to know: what do you think of Meghan’s feud with Coulter and Ingraham?

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos I’m proud of my daughter and she has a right to her opinions.

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos like any family we agree on some things and disagree on others.

    GStephanopoulos@SenJohnMcCain Thanks for your time Senator.You’re a good sport I know I’m not getting anymore on Coulter and Ingraham Happy St Pat’s again

    SenJohnMcCain@GStephanopoulos Thanks a lot george, let’s do it again soon. now i look forward to reading our followers comments and insults.

    SenJohnMcCain had a lot of fun george:

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Desultory - des-uhl-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee

  1. lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful: desultory conversation.
  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.