QuickPress update: New Database server for my blog

Posted By on March 6, 2009

Since I haven’t been traveling this week, I’ve had a few minutes to do a full database backup and reinstall on a new server. One of the primary reason I’ve been anxious to do was because of some significant slowing in access. Thankfully the upgrade was painless and looks to have corrected my primary speed problems. If you read this online and notice the improvement, you now know why.


  • FRWhythe

    Seems faster but what about the right two columns? They are gone?

  • I dunno Rich. It still took me about 5 seconds to load it over broadband. ;-P

    Actually it’s usually the offsite contents (widgets from external sources) that slow the loading of a home page. Things like weather badgets, latest twitters, etc.

    As you probably know, I moved my hosting about a week or two ago as well. Some compromises, but at least now it’s deterministically fast.

    I tend to be of the minority opinion that all of the webpage “bling” should only be on the index page and that the individual archives should just have that post and its comments. Repeating the archives links, categories/tags, and blogroll on every page slows down things for the casual surfer who wants to navigate forward and backwards through the archives.

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