One better than last year: How do birds do this?

Posted By on June 29, 2009

Calling any ornithologists … or ethologists … that might have insight as to how (or why) birds fly under our covered porch, make a tight banking turn and deliver a “load” against the upper panes of our window. Mind you … our porch is relatively low ceilinged and of substantial size. (perhaps they just have a sense of humor … just as in a post from last year?)


Palm Pre photos


  • Steve

    Rank speculation:

    Your clean glass (and the resulting reflection) fools birds early in their flight path. They think they are flying into open space until last second when they realize they are about to crash (and get scared sh%#-less). Assume they mostly are able to pull out in time, though around my way it’s not uncommon to hear a clunk now and then from birds who can’t adjust flight path quickly enough.

  • Thanks for your “rank” speculation Steve. It makes sense to me… although I would never accuse you of being able to get inside a birds head. (aka: birdbrain)


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