Michelle Malkin promoting her new book on “The View”

Posted By on August 3, 2009

I have a new found respect for Michelle Malkin as I watched her handle “The View” ladies and audience;Culture of Corrruption by Michelle Malkin she was better than most while promoting her book, in my opinion. (EDIT: thanks Scott)

For those into heavy political reading (right wing oriented), Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies, looks to be a very interesting read — although at 400 pages I may have to wait until the MP3 version is released???


  • Yep, I caught her tweet when she announced she would be on The View in a few minutes. I put the television on to watch it. My wife walked in the room wondering why the heck I would have The View on!! I told her Michelle Malkin would be on in a few minutes. Her jaw dropped and she hung around to watch some fireworks. ;->
    The book is available on Audible and I’m about to purchase it.
    PS. Interesting Typo: in my option ??

  • Hmm … I actually checked Audible when I wrote the post and it was not available. Might have to return, but then again since there isn’t an app for Audible on the Pre yet … why rush! (I need to finish ‘Bold Fresh’ which is still on my Treo/Centro!)

    BTW … thanks for the typo pointer … I need more than a spellchecker that’s for sure.

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