Palm Pre stumps me with a Messaging app problem

Posted By on September 14, 2009

I have found that the Palm Pre works well for email and both MMS and SMS messaging on Sprint, but I’ve run into a glitch where my incoming messages will not show up in the messaging app unless I search for them, see screen capture (usually the conversations  list unless I delete them).

So here’s the situation for those with WebOS and Palm Pre knowledge:

Palm Pre Messaging problemA few contacts that I’ve SMS messaged will appear in the list of messages when I open the Messaging app, but others will not. I can see them IF I open from the notification area as they arrive at the bottom of the screen by tapping, but as soon as I swipe backspace to return to the Messaging app they are gone. I can type the beginning of the contact name in the Messaging app and they will show up and then tap the conversation to view the string of messages.  This works if we are talking about a Contact that starts with a letter, but for messages that have been initiated with a 5-digit number the ‘orange’ opt key needs to be held firmly down when the number is selected in order to ‘find’ the conversation. (This is used for news services, voting, gas price updates, Twitter by SMS, etc)

When I do locate the message conversation and swipe to right or left and tap Delete, the message conversation returns in its entire string the next time another  message arrives — could it be a sync problem? The only way I have found around this (I think) is to open the entire message conversation and swipe/delete each individual message in the conversation until they are all gone. This is currently the way email works and a pain to clear email off the Pre —  a delete all or checkmarking system would be appreciated.

Let me know if you have this problem or have solved it.


  • vara411

    Hmm.. interesting. And puzzling. This has never happened to me. Are you sending/receiving messages to/from landlines or computers, by chance? Have you rooted (hacked) your Pre at all? Still wouldn’t explain why some threads show up and others don’t.

    I’m thinking you’re right, sounds like a sync issue. Perhaps by dumb luck webOS 1.2 update will fix this. If not, unfortunately the only way I know how is to do a full erase… It’s not too bad… it takes 10 min from start to finish, and you get all your important data back. (But you DO lose: memos, classic emulator apps, internet bookmarks, homebrew apps, and anything that is synced via USB. Any contacts that you linked will become unlinked again.)

    Sorry I can’t be of more help. I’ll ask around and see if I find something.

  • Steven

    I seem to have the same issue. I receive Twitter updates via SMS and the same thing just started with only messages from twitter. It just started to happen and I am on 1.2 already. Did you ever find an fix?

  • The only fix I found was to delete the message thread and then delete and re-add the contact back in the contact manager again. I started unlinking specific cellphone numbers from the ‘main’ contact information because of this. (it is easy to delete a name and cellphone number but more painful to delete all the contact information .. if you know what I mean)

    Let me know if you find a fix.

  • heather

    this happened to my phone and I found a way around it.
    for any contacts it happened to erase them from your phone (but first write down their number). And just make sure all their history is gone. Then simply re add them and it should be better.
    as for your 5 digit ones save them as a contact then delete and you should be good to go!
    hope that makes sense!

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