Video embed test and Shuttle Atlantis lift off

Posted By on November 16, 2009

As the number of NASA Shuttle lift offs wind down, I find myself appreciating the space program more and more. I don’t want to miss the final scheduled six launches which should complete the life of the Space Shuttle program and end of an era … a successful one I might add.

Today was a perfect day and a perfect launch for STS-129 which is on a 14 day scheduled supply mission to the International Space Station.

[flv:FN_AtlantisLaunch091116.flv 480 355]
Atlantis rocket into a beautiful blue Florida sky at 2:30 Monday afternoon


  • sarah cuetello

    You embedding worked well on my older computer that doesn’t usually do very well with video. I’m not sure how you are encoding the video since it is not a YouTube clip, but all looked very good on my end.

    I’m thinking it might be a good time to plan a trip with my kids down to the Kennedy Space Center and try to make a launch since this is history in the making. Come the next decade we’ll be lucky to afford to look into space let alone take a rocket there. It is sad to be thinking this way but politicians have squander my kids future and I can’t wait to vote them out. (yes I read your previous blog post on Healthcare too!)

    Thanks. Sarah Cuetello

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