Car maintenance weekend project before the Superbowl

Posted By on February 7, 2010

Replaced the rear brakes on my daughter’s 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI for the second time in its life this weekend. They were in pretty bad shape, but I enjoyed being able to exchange the “liftetime warranty pads” at Autozone for free. The loner tool program and easy to use warranty make it a “recommended” place to purchase auto parts in my book, even though I’ve found O’Reilly Auto Parts seems to have better prices. I did end up replacing her rotors too … but for $15.99 a rotor I’ll feel better when she has to make a hard stop.


  • Jacob E

    Rich, Looks like a lot of fun and they definitely look like they needed to be replaced. I just replaced my rears this fall / late summer. The tool rental from Autozone was invaluable. The right side I still had some difficulty because the caliper had extended too much for the tool to fit. Had to do a hack job with some clamps providing the back pressure to engage the tool to compress the caliper. Good learning experience. Didn’t have to change out the rotors this time, but I likely will next time.

  • Jacob E. — Yes, I had to do the same thing the last time I replace the rear brakes using the Autozone tool. Metalnerd makes the appropriate tool without the ‘fit’ problem, but of course that’s are few more dollars in a specialty tool?

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