Time Warner cable upgrade and associated rat’s nest

Posted By on April 1, 2010

Time Warner notified me that they needed to upgrade the existing cable cards in my Series 3 Tivo box with a multi-stream card ciscodigitalboxAND install another piece of hardware in order to continue receiving their content (some sort of 2-way frequency sharing box or something). After they added some new wires and stacked the odd sized Cisco box on top of my DVR and DVD player, I thought: “this is a ridiculously complicated way to receive a couple basic cable stations in HD” … we watch fewer than 10 channels.

The headache aside of having to schedule an afternoon off to meet the cable guy — very nice guys BTW — I was disappointed with how professional cable installers left the wiring in our basement. If this wasn’t in my house it would actually be funny!

twwiringmessTweeted the photo and to Time Warner’s credit they picked it up and
asked me to schedule another appointment to correct the wiring.


  • Aw783

    As a cable guy I would never leave something like this….but I will say it is really YOUR wiring in YOUR house and if you want things to look pretty then pony up the money and get an electrician and have him wire your house correctly with your dmark in a leviton panel in the basement.

    • Appreciate the comment Aw783 — and you are right about it being my house and my wiring … still, I figure I’m paying for the service through my cable bill and expect a little more professionalism from Time Warner service people.

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