Humor: Glenn Beck’s ‘Whitehouse Only’ Red Phone rings

Posted By on July 23, 2010

glennbeckholdingredphoneFor those who watch the Fox News Glenn Beck television program, you’ll recall one of Glenn’s props is a “Red Phone” which supposedly has a private number that has been given to the Whitehouse — so that they can correct any misinformation. In the year or so it has been installed it never been used except for test calls or the regular “call me” program prop. According to a segment of audio on Beck’s radio show today, the phone rang sending his staff scrambling to remember how to get the signal into the control booth and recorded. The segment of audio from Glenn Beck was posted on his website (or below) and isn’t exactly what was expected.

gbredphoneDuring a commercial break, the Red Phone rang. It does get tested from time to time to make sure it’s still working, BUT this time it was no one from the control room. Turns out as Glenn picked up the Red Phone on TV, the number on the bottom of the phone was visible and a fan called in as a good Samaritan. Mediaite reported on the story and Glenn tells what happened on radio today.



  • Rhonda from Portland OR

    I’m sickened whenever someone even mention this guy. He and his Tea Baggers like you remind me of communist witch huntes of the 1950s.. Racists, homophobics and fearmongers all being played to benefit the wealthy. Wake up wackos.

  • Brenda

    Glenn Beck….oh just the horror of his name. Oh such ignorance….the shear fear of mere discussions…such a sad small little mind. Left, right…who cares…just try sometime in your life to have an intellectual discussion that you may oppose. You might actually have an epiphany.

    Peace to all homophobics and fearmongers and wackos, you make my day full of humor

  • Gina

    Glenn Beck is my hero and you people dont know what you are talking about. He is only telling the facts and he does it with a sense of humor
    and i think he is a good human being

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