Stephen Colbert discusses illegal immigration on Capitol Hill

Posted By on September 24, 2010

I was somewhat irritated to hear that comedian Steven Colbert was invited to speak to a congressional subcommittee… in character… about illegal aliens living, working, committing crimes and and basically leeching off US citizens. It did sound like a ridiculous way to spend taxpayer dollars (estimated at $125,000/hr), but in retrospect might be an effective way to get congress to focus on their job of securing our borders? If Washington makes progress in this area and deals with the over 10 million who have illegally immigrated to the United States, it may not have been the worst idea they have wasted time on this year.

EDIT: Replaced video clip, with full CSPAN archived video clip below:


  • Jon Stewart and Colbert have made lots of points far more factual and valid than the news media lately – which certainly speaks to the depressing state of ‘journalism’ out there these days.


    Also, this interview has to be the most clear, concise path forward I’ve seen during this entire economic mess.


    Be sure to watch Part 2 as well.


    And I’ll be damned if this isn’t the best thing I’ve heard/seen in quite some time…

  • Thanks Steve. Love the clip and enjoy both Colbert and the brilliant Jon Stewart.

    As much as I’d like to have things “taken down a notch,” I suspect we got ourselves into this situation by being lackadaisical when it came to who we elected and what we allowed career politicians to do. Having citizens “care” about the direction of the country and the waste of their tax dollars, even if some get a little too loud, is better than not caring. The current administration and congressional leaders are continuing to expand government and dictate to individuals and companies more than ever. They are telling us how to live, what we must buy and how businesses will operate. Government continues to cripple the free markets by not permitting them to self regulate (succeed and fail) and by offering corporate bailouts and personal assistance at every turn. They are harming our country and making our citizenry dependent on the government. We’re all losing personal liberties and turning over decision making to someone else.

    Washington DC needs to be much smaller, operate leaner and eliminate departments that can be handled at the state and local levels. For our part, we need elect fiscal conservatives less focused on micromanagement. We need to re-instill personal responsibility and reduce federal government’s roll in caring economically for the growing number of legal and illegal residents who have learned to depend on federal handouts, be it food, housing or healthcare.

  • Yeah, I guess I just agree with the “taking it down a notch” when it refers to the extreme polarization. You’re spot-on that the vast majority (the 70% or so that Stewart referred to) should be vocal and try and return this country to a sane, comprising middle ground. Sure that doesn’t make for flashy news bites but pandering to the extreme left or right isn’t helping anyone.

    I don’t think it matters which side of the aisle you’re on right now or who you voted for in 2008 – the people furthest from the middle on both sides just keep spewing more hateful, louder stuff that’s doing nothing to actually solve the issues. Case in disgusting, painful, ridiculous point:

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