Fuelly.com MPG numbers on my daughter’s VW Jetta TDI

Posted By on October 24, 2010

My daughter recently started tracking her 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI fuel economy numbers on Fuelly.com and we have both been impress at the significant improvement since replacing her tires. Although she doesn’t have a lifetime of postings for her car, the regular private calculations haven’t been near the 50 mpg mark. She (we) couldn’t be happier with the improvements.

As I’ve shared with friends before, I’d highly recommend considering a small diesel TDI when considering a first car for teenagers, college students or in her case, a medical student trying to stretch her travel dollars. One caveat for those less adept to doing minor maintenance items is to beware that good quality and fair priced independent repair shops for diesel cars are sometimes challenging to find – check with a local TDI group like CinciTDI.com or the larger TDIClub.com. (that reminds me, time to come home for an oil change … and visit with your parents)


  • I still can’t break into 48+ on my Jetta. Only did it one time (50mpg) cruising to South Dakota. We were half way across Minnesota before we had to fill up. Gotta love that! Otherwise all my tanks have been 47.xx but can’t seem to get any better. Can’t complain too much though huh?

    • Hmm … “my Jetta” … 🙂 Glad to hear you aren’t complaining too much. Hope all is well?

  • Wow, that’s impressive. I’m happy when my 10 year old 626 gets better than 26 mpg mixed!

    Best I’ve ever managed was 35 mpg on an all-highway trip, with the cruise control at 62 mph.

    I use FuelFrog.com to track my mileage, btw.

    • I tried FuelFrog but had some trouble with it. What’s your link?

      • I just use it since I can send the MPG info every fill-up via Twitter.

        (And that’s the only thing I use Twitter for).

  • For mobile Fuelly.com use, after your cell number is registered, you can post by text message to 503-512-9929 in the format of:
    Miles Price Gallons (MPG) — example: 310 2.839 10.023 If you’re using odometer tracking, swap out odometer for miles. If you’re tracking with liters or kilometers, you can think of the format as [distance] [price] [fuel volume]. (Though that’s not as catchy as MPG.)

    Anything after the first three numbers is added as a “note” … I add a Station and location to mine.

    There is also the m.fuelly.com link which works well for most smartphone and I usually use that. Still, Twitter might be a nice addition, as if Twitter friends really are interested in fuel economy week after week? 🙂

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