Strong weather expect in SW Ohio this afternoon

Posted By on October 26, 2010


As the strong front approaches from the Indiana area there is a tornado watch in for the entire Cincinnati area, but warning have been issued everywhere by the National Weather service in anticipation of tornados (odd, thought the “warning” label was maintained for actual tornados?). Radar images show a heavy band and local reports from Indiana describe heavy soaking rains associated with this front.

The local WCPO television from Cincinnati Ohio has some great coverage and interesting HD radar technology (below) that can be pulled up on the web.



  • Rains are hitting hard as I watch my gutters overflow …

  • It turned out to be pretty disappointing here… about 10 mins of heavy rain. And that was after we had already been released after having to go into the shelter for about 15 mins here at work!

    • Yup … my son sent me a text from Miami in Oxford saying that “Ohio freaks out too quickly.” That of course is the problem with crying wolf too many times. I did find it odd that the sirens all went off in our area and that there were “Tornado Warnings” without an actual tornado on the ground. ???

      • I think it’s just cause radar saw some suspect echoes and things were moving so fast – I saw some storms pegged at moving east at 70 mph!

        That said, you do certainly have to be careful with the sirens. Some stuff looked like straight-line wind damage but I haven’t seen any photos yet that looked like a tornado passed by.

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