Tech Friday: Finally adding Disqus commenting to my blog

Posted By on October 1, 2010

dc-feature-connect It’s been on the list of things to do, but since my personal blog isn’t necessarily a ‘must read’ for people, I’ve been slow to adopt a better commenting methods or in this case “discussion” method — Disqus = dis·cuss • d?-sk?s’.

After reviewing and listening to the opinions of tech savvy friends, I’ve opted to use Disqus. It is a robust system that integrates well with WordPress and supports a variety of connection profile options … Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Open ID, Yahoo, etc. So far so good with setting things up with the Disqus Comment System plug-in, but using it should eventually be less painful for those wanting to see their comments show up quickly and less of a headache for me in managing spam. It has been a challenge for my part over the years in coming up with a way to sift through the roughly 500 comments (almost all are spam) per day that get shoveled at my blog. I’ve lost track of just how many total comments have been be tossed over the years, but of the nearly 10,000 valid ones, there must have been at least 100 times that in spam – yes it is a problem.  (FYI, for most part, adding Akismet back in 2006 made the job of spam-moderation bearable)

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  • Let me know how it goes. I’m still debating adding something like Disqus. I rarely had issues with comment spam when I enabled comments, but had so few in general that I opted to disable them this past year but include email links.
    I’m also going to do some analysis on how Disqus affects your page load times. As you know, I’m a bit OCD about being able to navigate my web site quickly (since I have some family on dial up).

    • Thanks for the comment … was waiting for someone to test it. So far so good. Lots of little tweaks to make but I think it will be an improvement (anything would have been) on what I had. It did take about 30 minutes to export all of the WordPress comments and get them handled by Disqus … and there was a glitch the first try … but now all seems to be pretty good.As for your OCD about a speedy website … yes that would be why you are good at your job! Efficient coding and chips are worth the continued tweaking. For me, off loading comments/discussion was an issue since I’ve been stung by others with my content in the past — free flickr and youtube accounts come to mind (it still drives me crazy to see missing older videos and photos)

  • Ignore this additional comment — testing to see if the notification option works on my Palm Pre, although there will soon be an app available.

  • I’m also going to do some analysis on how Disqus has an effect on your web page running time. As you know, I’m a bit OCD about being able to get around my web page quickly (since I have some family on experience up).

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