Are any Compact Florescent Bulbs made in the US?

Posted By on February 27, 2011


Duke Energy, our electricity utility, was kind enough to ship me a nice size box of compact florescent lamps at no charge to replace our existing bulbs. I can’t say that I was surprised to see that they are made in China, but I sure would rather they be manufactured in the United States – I’m probably not alone? (I’ve heard that there aren’t any CFLs being made in the U.S. … correct?)


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  • Rich, we just got our box in the mail last week as well. All but 2 of our bulbs in the house are already CFLs but it was good to pick these up as spares. It is sad no CFLs are made in the states but I guess it doesn’t surprise me. I really think we’re caught in a rock and a hard place with China and I don’t see us manufacturing much here until something hits rock bottom and it isn’t going to be prices.

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