Demo from PreCentral for the “don’t touch” TouchPad

Posted By on February 15, 2011

The demo model of the newly announced HP-Palm webOS TouchPad (links 1, 2 and 3) seems to me to be a bit sluggish during a first look video over at PreCentral. I’m liking the Pre like features, but concerned if the device doesn’t get full performance from the 1.2 Ghz dual core processor. Perhaps by summer release a few of these early quirks will get worked out?


  • It isn’t the dual cores. It’s how they abuse the GPU. The GPU on it is one of the most powerful out there in the mobile space, but one has to be sensible in the workloads you send it and find reasonable “eye candy” tradeoffs.
    The closest analogy I can make is imagine you’re going to use your Honda to do the weekly grocery shopping. Now imagine I tell you that you can only haul one bag of groceries home at a time due to some new grocer restriction. Imagine if your friends then say “I guess your Honda isn’t good at hauling loads”.
    The GPU in there has a great triangle processing rate, pixel throughput rate, and instruction processing rate. But you can still do silly things if you don’t think about efficiency in setting up your workload.

    • So its both the webOS instructions and the apps being configured on it?
      I’ve often felt that too much Windows “aero glass” or the like on
      different OS’s have sucked the speed out of many a computer. It would be
      nice if webOS had the option of less eyecandy and better battery life
      … or more chip power for necessary application work. Thanks for the info.

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