REO Speedwagon to perform opening day at Airventure 2011

Posted By on February 25, 2011


A great rock n roll band, REO Speedwagon was will be performing opening day Monday, July 25 at EAA Airventure 2011 this summer in Oshkosh Wisconsin. The concert is courtesy of Ford Motor Company and is free of charge to all AirVenture guests following the afternoon air show. Advance purchase admission tickets and camping for AirVenture 2011 are now available at a discounted rate.

  1: REO Speedwagon – I Can’t Fight This Feeling
  2: REO Speedwagon – I’m Going To Keep On Loving You


  • Sandy Kerr

    I read you’re blog all the time and never know what you’ll be posting next, but I love this band. How did REO Speedwagon get its name?

    • Good question Sandy. I looked it up and found the answer interesting … although didn’t verify that it is correct??? Thanks for the comment.

      REO keyboardist and founder, Neal Doughty, actually came up with the name of the band while he was sitting in a “History of Transportation” class at the University of Illinois in Champaign in 1968. When he walked into the class, the words “REO Speedwagon” were written on the blackboard — the very day the guys were searching for a cool name for the band.

      An REO Speedwagon is a flatbed truck, first built in the early 1900’s. It was very high-speed and heavy-duty for its day, and was considered a milestone in the history of transportation. It was sometimes outfitted as a fire engine. The letters R.E.O. are the initials of Ransom
      Eli Olds, who designed the truck and went on to create the Oldsmobile.

      REO FANS: REO Speedwagon Fan Club

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      REO Resource Network:

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