What would make you buy an iPhone?

Posted By on February 15, 2011

AAPL - Apple Computer 2/14/2011
Apple APPL 2/14/2011

Most people I know openly or ‘secretly’ admire Apple‘s iPhone. For many it would be a costly luxury, while for others it is more phone than they really need. The answer from Apple might be right around the corner: How about a lighter duty iPhone – call it the ‘N97’ – with a lower price? According to a WSJ article, a new iPhone is in the works that will be half the price of the main iPhone and allow carriers (those who work a deal with Apple I suspect — currently AT&T and Verizon) to better subsidized the cost to better compete with other smartphones.


  • Ehh, I love Apple in many ways (though I may buy a PC next time – sacrilege!) but I’ve never loved the iPhone. First it was the AT&T exclusivity (I’ve had VZQ for a decade and you simply can’t beat their network, imho) and even now I still think it’s overpriced. I’m far more likely to buy an Android phone in the next couple of months…

    • I think I’m just a rebel at heart since I was an Apple guy back when they made in roads with their Mac OS and visual interface … PCs were only DOS back in the 1980s … and IMHO were well behind when it came to ease of use. This continued well into those early Windows years during the 1990s but that gap is no longer the same. I use a Windows, Mac and Linux machine although since the Windows 7 release have been pretty much convinced my next computer will stick with that OS.

      As far as jumping to an iPhone, I’m still hoping Palm’s webOS and
      the HP marriage bring new life to the Palm Pre smartphone that I’m currently comfortable with — the Pre3 on paper looks pretty attractive. Unfortunately it does look as if price points for new product like the HP webOS TouchPad and Pre3 are going to be at a premium this summer … even to Apple. If so, I’ll probably consider the move to Android as well.

      • What? You like Palm? I’d never have guessed from reading your blog! 😉

        Yeah my laptop in college was a PowerBook (still working fine aside from slowing down, btw) and that’s the last new computer I purchased. Win 7 has impressed me quite a bit – and that’s something I never thought I’d be saying about a Microsoft OS.I’m likely going to be in the market for a desktop and HTPC kind of setup so the Media Center features available in Win7 might push me over the top towards that platform.

        There’s still something I love about an iMac, though…

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