Google to rebrand Picasa and Blogger

Posted By on July 6, 2011

Looks like the Picasa and Blogger names are being retired by Google in the next “six weeks” according to Mashable.  “The move is part of a larger effort to unify its brand for the public launch of Google+, the search giant’s social initiative.”

Blogger and Picasa aren’t going away, of course — they’re two of Google’s most popular products. Instead, according to two sources familiar with the matter, Google intends to rename Picasa “Google Photos” and Blogger will become “Google Blogs.” Several other Google brands are likely to be affected, though our sources made it clear that YouTube would not be rebranded. The technology giant shut down Google Video, its failed web video service, in May.



  • As long as I can keep my blog rolling, it’s just a name to me.

    That said, I do kinda like the ring Blogger has to it.

    Hope you had a great 4th!

    • Let me know if you end up wanting a low cost domain name (ie. and a simple redirect from a server to your “blogger” account — like the is with the or is to We do this for a several of our clients. A $35 on time fee set up, $15/yr domain name and $10/yr DNS redirect. (if you want an email alias — — that’s $10/yr too) <= prices as of 2011, but this 'simple pricing' has remained this for 10 years.
      What's nice about this is that there's not a hosting fee or commitment and if you need to switch from blogger to wordpress to where ever, your domain stays with you. Of course you probably already know all of this … but for others who might be reading, this could be helpful in establishing their online identity?

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