New fuel efficiency standards target is 54.5 mpg by 2025

Posted By on July 29, 2011

President Obama announces the new fuel efficiency standards with a few early jokes regarding his daughter and driving before stressing the pricesfuelefficstand110729 of fuel and the demand “worldwide” for oil.

His “fix” is to take steps to control prices through and energy strategy that 1) increase domestic production, 2) getting rid of tax subsidies to oil companies, 3) and producing more technically advanced engines and vehicles from auto manufacturers. The new standards he announced today will target the third point by increasing the fuel efficiency for cars and trucks, doubling what we see today to “almost 55 mpg.” President Obama commented that the business leaders believe this is “good for business and good for the nation.” He states that “in the next 15 years we will reduce the amount of foreign oil by 1/3 while improving the impact on the environment.” He also highlighted that improved bio-fuels and battery technology will also contribute to our oil needs. (audio below)

President Obama Fuel Efficiency Standards – July 29, 2011

While I can appreciate the direction and target, I wonder just what impact this will make on the performance? Hopefully as I mentioned in my 2012 VW Passat TDI post, we’ll see diesels paired with an electric motor which should offer solid efficiency and decent off the line and passing performance.


  • One thing to note is that this is likely still CAFE MPG, and not EPA MPG.

    And, 54.5 MPG combined CAFE, the current Jetta and Passat TDI get close to.

    Of course, flex fuel compact gassers would just about obliterate that, if they left that loophole open – running on E85, the car’s gasoline mileage on E85 (in other words, the kind of math that WVO users use – a car that gets 25 MPG on E85 is treated as getting 167 MPG of gasoline or something like that) is averaged with the straight gasoline mileage. So, your 30 MPG car suddenly gets a lot better than 30, according to CAFE, if it’s flex fuel.

    • Sounds like our bureaucrats … obviously stemming from their wordsmithing lawyer days. Thanks for the information Eric.

  • And next week he’ll mandate that within 15 years houses will have A/C units that use only 100 watts.

    Or that cancer will be cured with something as simple as a flu shot.

    Would I love all three of the above (55mpg, A/C, cancer)? Sure. Could any of them happen? Well, it’s possible. (~25 years ago CDMA was originally considered an impossibility, a violation of physics.)

    But just mandating it?

    On the flip side, our Odyssey in typical usage gets more person-miles per gallon than a typically used Prius.

    • I think that 100 watt AC unit is the one spraying a mist of EPA “rationed” water in front of the blower and classified as an EnergyStar Air Conditioner! 😉

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