Looks like Google’s Flights search could be helpful

Posted By on November 16, 2011

I’m anxious to try Google.com/flights for my next trip planning although I’m not sure it adds much besides the interface over competitive flight planning websites. The search giant has created a convenient way to compare the pricing and scheduled flight times, but in testing a few closer airports and flights it didn’t turn up any surprises.

It was quicker to research “other” airports someone close to Cincinnati, and I was able to find an odd ball low cost direct flight in one particular case (the under $200 RT at bottom left in above image) … check out the video explanation below.


  • I’ve been using ITA Software (who Google purchased last year to create their Flights search) for years… by FAR the best way to find airfare. You can get thoroughly complicated with searches via their fancy routing language – it’s been a godsend for someone who travels a lot like me.

    Highly recommend a visit to matrix.itasoftware.com to take advantage of their full search functionality!

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