Butler County has worst foreclosure rate in Ohio

Posted By on January 13, 2012

foreclosuresignAlthough I know the employment and housing market has been bad in Ohio, I didn’t realize it was as bad as it was in our county until noticing the foreclosure numbers for 2011. Butler County had 3,330 foreclosure filings in 2011, which was about the same as 2010. Only 2009 saw higher filings with 4,000, according to Irvine-Calif.-based website RealtyTrac. Let’s hope we see some kind of reprieve in 2012.

Butler County had the worst foreclosure rate in Ohio in 2011, with one in every 43 homes receiving some type of foreclosure filing, according to a RealtyTrac’s annual market report released today.



  • Peter Cozmyk

    There are a high level of foreclosures all over the nation, but not enough people are fighting the banks.  You may be able to prove that the bank doesn’t even own the loan.  Cases get thrown out all the time because the bank doesn’t properly assign the note, or because they used fake robo-signers to forge documentation.  There are alot of good foreclosure attorneys out there who will fight hard to keep your home.  Do not sit back and let the banks win.  Don’t pack up your bags in the middle of the night and think you’re escaping the problem.  Fight your foreclosures in court with an attorney.  – Peter Cozmyk.

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