President Obama connects on a hangout with Google+users

Posted By on January 30, 2012

YouTube live at 5:30PM EST on January 30, 2012

Great use of technology, although it certainly does require respectful users … unfortunately a little too much “respect” ends up with friendly to President Obama questioners. The hangout is interesting as I’m only 15 minutes in, but its beginning to sound a little like a campaign speech. Glad he is answering questions and using Google+. LINK
Oh … and he also mention biodiesel at about the 5:44 mark. Winking smile


  • Certain impressing feed from Google/Youtube … quality is very good for this Google+ hangout. If every “attempted” meeting hangout was in this quality that would be nice.

    Also impressed to see President Obama slice out this much time from his schedule for a “hangout” … it will be interesting to know how many he reaches in this way?

  • Lasted a solid 50 minutes and I hope a few more campaigns take advantage of social media in this way. (GOP … pay attention or lose some of the technology connected votes)

    The ending was a nice touch as well. Each “hangout participate” was able to ask a more personal question and one of the mom’s was able to have her 3 children wave and say hello to President Obama. Well done … and I’m not even a supporter of the administration!

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