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Posted By on March 2, 2012


If you’re looking for a new way to watch the weather, check out … it is a weather and storm watching site and also has trackers with cameras in cars all tied to maps.  So instead of pulling up the basic weather while we are under a tornado watch here in the Cincinnati area this Friday afternoon, I thought I would try something different.

So far just rain in my area of SW Ohio, but noticed several school closings this afternoon including my son’s classes at Miami University in Oxford Ohio.

Weather map as of 2:30PM


  • Damage is going to be heavy as this series of storms and tornadoes has hit KY and IN. Deaths are already coming into the news stations. Southern OH is still in the path but north of Cincinnati (and Cinci proper) seems fine. Here’s a photo of the largest hail I’ve even seen …

  • Very cool site – thanks for the tip! We avoided just about everything at out house. Hope you guys fared well, too.

    • All was fine here. Hope all is well in your new “married” life. 🙂

      Been thinking about your company and am hoping that your profitable division remain unscathed. Any buyers looking at it?

      • We lost 66 people in Dayton alone last week – more to come (including the part I report under) in a couple more weeks. Other than that, everything for the two of us has been going pretty well.

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