The new iPad – the 3rd generation. Surprised? Not really.

Posted By on March 8, 2012


Apple introduced their highly anticipated “new iPad” and although most of the specs were as expected, CEO Tim Cook didn’t reference it as the iPad3 … just the new iPad (although it is the third generation).

A few leading features are the new 9.7 inch retina display with 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution, a class leading 10 hour battery life, dual-core A5X chip with quad-core graphics and new optional 4G LTE service with either Verizon or AT&T.


Another improvement is a 5 megapixel autofocus camera that also shoots 30fps 1080p video with image stabilization (also a front facing FaceTime lower resolution camera). As for storage, the models continue with the 16GB on the low end and max out at 64GB for the top of the line.

For me, the 3 biggies for wanting an Apple iPad are:

  1. Snappy and easy to use with plenty of apps (a limitation with my webOS)
  2. Incredible battery life … I can vouch for my son’s iPad 2 – just amazing!
  3. Large high quality bright display making reading and video viewing enjoyable
  4. Just a want at this point – low cost, unlimited Sprint 4G LTE data with GPS


As for pricing … somewhat the same as the existing iPad2 … which by the way will still be on sale but for $100 less than before – starting at $399.

Though slightly thicker and heavier, the device looks and feels much like the current iPad 2. It also has the same starting prices: $499 for the Wi-Fi only models, or $629 for those that also have cellular connectivity. Those devices will now be capable of 4G wireless speeds, which are as much as 10 times faster than 3G found in the iPad 2.


See for specs …


  • I was thinking about writing about this but haven’t done so yet.
    As I mentioned on release day, I don’t know what they mean by quad-core GPU. I’ll take a guess that they plopped down 4x the GPU compute engines of the previous iPad. But there is no standard as to what constitutes a “GPU core”. A GPU is such a different beast compared to a CPU. I worked on the designs of both and GPUs are mind blowing.
    Because they have 4x the screen resolution of previous iPads, they would need to do this at a minimum just to maintain the same performance as their previous iPads. GPU “frame rates” are driven not only by the complexity of the scene and rendering algorithms, but also by how many pixels have to be filled. A GPU spawns a small computation thread for each displayed pixel. If you have 4x the pixels, you’ll spawn 4x the computation threads. Ergo, you’d need 4x the computational throughput just to “keep up” with what folks have come to expect for the iPad responsiveness.
    So lest folks think that this should be 4x faster in frame rates, game play, etc. they may be disappointed. That retina display doesn’t come for free, computation-wise.

    •  Great insight Scott … sort of what I thought. I’m guessing a few “spec readers” will see quad core and automatically assume Apple is talking CPU. My biggest concern is not necessarily the snappy speed (assume they have that figured out) … but the battery life. Having just driven a couple l-o-n-g trips, I still can’t believe the battery life in my son’s iPad2. He watch well over 10 hours of back to back TV shows, played another few hours of music and did some Facebook reading AND STILL had 30% battery left. My phone was dead after 8 hours of just hunting for a signal to sync up with.

  • CatC

    As usual Mr. Corbett, you are up on the latest gadgets. When will you be adding one to your computer bag?

    •  I’m getting serious now that the Touchpad looks to be permanently on ice … I was holding out hope. 🙂

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