What kind of deals are you seeing on the Chevy Volt?

Posted By on March 28, 2012


I’ve sort of wondered just what kind of push GM was going to make in order to start moving their Chevrolet Voltsnot that I’m looking. I suspect one of the reasons the cars are not selling well is that they are price way too high for an “experimental” car … who really knows what the long term ownership costs are going to be? At least the Toyota Prius has a solid 10 year track record to sell their new model on … the Volt — who knows?

At this point I’ll take the large-ish American built Volkswagen Passat TDI that has tested diesel technology and delivers 43 mpg highway and still leave about $10-15 thousand left to buy fuel.


  • Of course, Priuses were sold well below cost for quite a few years. GM can’t actually afford to do that.

    Really, though, for an ultra high mileage vehicle, I’m not convinced that high tech is the way to go, because high tech means high cost, which means that to get the average person to buy it, it needs to do everything they need a car to do. Go low tech, and focus on aerodynamics and weight, for a 1+1 (one comfortable seat in the front, one uncomfortable seat in the back) commuter vehicle, and then you can sell it cheaply, and then people can justify buying it as a second vehicle, making a four seater with large cargo capacity unnecessary.

    And, a 1+1 vehicle that weighs under 800 pounds and has a CdA of 0.2 m^2 or less will beat any family sedan on energy consumption in both city and highway driving, and by quite a lot, making up for most, if not all, of the powertrain efficiency loss of a low tech powertrain vehicle. (Now, high tech materials will always be better by making it lighter, but that increases the cost, making a 1+1 layout less palatable to the market, pushing you into a family sedan, making the efficiency go to crap.)

    I’m actually not sure what I’m doing with powertrain on my design – I have a 654 cc twin cylinder diesel, but I suspect it won’t actually be powerful enough even with mods (16-20 hp is really pushing it), and the drivetrain will be very large and heavy, so I may go to a 300 cc fuel injected gasser scooter driveline – MUCH more compact, more powerful (28 hp), albeit less efficient (complete with belt drive CVT, ugh) and less torquey.

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