The Rav4 fan motor gives up the ghost

Posted By on April 1, 2012

My wife’s aging Toyota Rav4 has been a totally reliable car since 1998 and it is hard to complain when a part or two needs to be replaced after quarter million miles. Thankfully the little SUV was designed in a way that accessing the fan motor was pretty easy, so a few screws to remove the glove box and I had easy access to the 3 screws holding the motor in the housing. A few minutes later I check online listings and found a few replacement online … and placed an order. If all goes well Brenda will have heat and AC before the week’s end for under $50. (in part, I’m using this to test posting from the iPad via Posterous)


  • Fixed … Surprisingly well designed to be replaced by Toyota. Removed 3 dash screws, 2 glovebox screws and 3 heater motor and housing assembly. One single plug clip and a little flexing of the plastic and the part was in and out in about 30 minutes.

  • What a pain to update all the photos now that Posterous is no more. Note to self … control your own content.

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