Why doesn’t this vinyl music thingy fit into my CD player?

Posted By on August 28, 2012

Facebook comes through again and offered a connection to the past (1, 2, 3).

Recently I received an invite indicating my “XX” year Sidney High School reunion was being planned (35th if you must know). A Facebook URL was given so I dutifully plugged in my lightly used FB account and ended up adding a few friends robpottorf_composing… friends, I might add, that are actually my age. It was interesting seeing the names and trying to remember faces  … oh how we have changed. A few of the standout names had me wondering what became of them. Sadly, I’ve since heard a couple have passed away, but others are scattered around the country.

One of them, a stand-out named Rob Pottorf, commented on one of my posts or photos and so figured I should say hello. Rob was easy to remember since he was involved with many high school activities; he was a talented musician, as well as being one of the few who was friendly to everybody no matter the clique. After high school, I do remember hearing that he was working in entertainment at Kings Island near Cincinnati, but I didn’t pay much attention to his career after that. His recent comment had me sleuthing his music Facebook page and I found that his current project is composing the music score for the movie Broken  – pretty cool.

That started me wondering, “do I still have a copy of his high school single” – still in record form for those younger than me. That would be a piece of vinyl that is played with a needle known as a “45” – yes, pre-digital.
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Yup I did still have it … unfortunately can’t play it. Maybe there is a digital version of side 1 (Flight) and side 2 (Beautiful Day) out there somewhere? … hmm, so old that it’s probably in the public domain – ouch!



  • Don Worthington

    It is still hard to imagine that we were advanced enough to go to the moon yet were still putting a needle in a disk with grooves in order to listen to music. Now we have pocket computers that hold entire archives of not only music, but video too … yet have to hire the Russians to put a man in orbit and can only dream someday we might return to the moon or beyond. Forty some years of technological advancement and somehow we’ve gone backwards in space exploration. Shameful.

    • I appreciate the email Don. Sorry you had trouble commenting on my blog —blame Disqus.
      I’ve edited your comment slightly, but your observation was worth including as a comment. Thanks.

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