One thing is for sure, Apple knows how to make money

Posted By on September 7, 2012

I read a simple article reviewing where Apple ($AAPL) makes their money … product mix, not geographic location. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that they make over 70% of their total sales (trailing 12 months) on the iPhone and iPad … that in comparison to Macintosh computers, software and services and even their Music store!




  • HGL

    Seeing that chart makes me even more bullish on AAPL stock considering the new iPhone 5 comes out this month and a new iPad Mini before the holiday season. If it wasn’t $680, I would try to buy a few shares. When will they split their shares?

    •  It really depends if Apple is interested in “investors” or “traders.” Warren Buffett is notorious for not splitting his stock because he wants to attract long term investment rather than short term traders. I’m not sure if AAPL management is even thinking about this, but do think you are right and that they could attract young retail investors who would like to add AAPL to their long term self directed IRAs.

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