Placed an Apple iPhone 5 order with Sprint this morning

Posted By on September 14, 2012


I’m not sure when my new iPhone 5 will arrive, but ordered the smallest 16GB version as an upgrade to replace my aging … but much lovedPalm Pre. Unfortunately the Apple website wouldn’t take my order this morning so switched to the site.

Unfortunately Sprint also has a glitch in their online order system as their system priced the phone as a full price $650 order rather than the $200 upgrade – a glitch soon to be corrected according to customer service. To correct they canceled my early morning order (my place in line?) and reissued as a new order with the correct price. Oh well, the phone will show up when it shows up.


  • Congrats! I think you’ll get at least as much life and enjoyment out of it as you have from the good ol’ Pre.

    And Sprint just posted 102 new cities they’re rolling out LTE into. Sadly nothing in Ohio or my beloved NH. They are turning it on about 15 minutes south of me in Leominster, MA.Strangely they’re turning LTE in my birthplace: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Really Sprint?! What the heck?

    • The “good ol’ Pre” comment brought a tear to my eye. 🙂

      I was planning to go with an Android device since I’ve enjoyed rooting and tweaking my Pre, but ever since using the iPad2 (and being amazed at the battery life), I’ve gone back to being enamored by Apple’s coolness because they just work. I’m trying to hold my early opinions and whining since I remember the switch from my near perfect Samsung i500 Palm OS flipphone to the twice the size, clunky Treo 700p (that I eventually loved)… and then the feeling of being restricted when going from that to the Palm Pre WebOS device that I’m now so hesitant to give up … so I will try to hold back my early-on expected grumbles and disappointment.

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