Shame on the NFL

Posted By on September 25, 2012


We can’t blame the Seahawks or the Packers, but with all the money associated with the National Football League, there needs to be a better way to officiate than what we’ve been seeing in 2012 … and most notably in the Monday night game. Shameful. (slo-mo video below)

Below is the final “Hail Mary” pass by the Seahawks that would determine who would win or lose Monday night’s game. Green Bay’s Jennings clearly intercepted the pass, but the replacement referees signaled a touchdown for Tate of Seattle; instant replay officials confirmed the “call on the field.” I’m not sure what they were looking at — you be the judge.


  • While listening to GB Coach Mike McCarthy after the game I felt sick for him and his team. If there is one other team besides the Bengals that I now want to see win this season, it would be the Packers. The Seahawks can’t feel good about winning in this fashion.

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