What a country! – as comedian Yakov Smirnoff said in the 1980s

Posted By on November 9, 2012


The AP/Wall Street Journal published a color coded county map which does a pretty good job displaying the voting split in our country this past Tuesday. We are a divided country when it comes to political philosophy — I just hope we can survive another 4 years and stay the “United” States.

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  • Another interesting map, which adjusts the states in size according to population. Really shows the near-50/50 split a bit better graphically.

    • That map was definitely made by a liberal … it’s distorted!  😉

      I’m kidding of course, but think the county by county depiction more accurately portrays the divided electorate. As an Ohio voter, I’m offended by the misrepresentation of coloring an entire state blue. Imagine the same for states like Florida, etc.

      • Steve

        Not completely disagreeing with you. I’d love to see the population-adjusted map in a county-by-county version!

      • Brian

        It doesn’t accurately portray it, though, because counties with millions of people living in them are not resized comparative to countries with a few hundred. What you want is something that adjusts for size, to accurately reflect population, and shades of color, rather than a dichotomy of red and blue, like this.

        EDIT: Wow, I didn’t realize this post was 4 years old. Dang Google. Well, the point stands.


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