The Jawbone Jambox and testing the WordPress Postie plugin

Posted By on March 20, 2013

The addition of a new bluetooth Jambox speaker has certainly improved the audio quality of my iPad … AND the new Postie plug-in for WordPress looks to be a great replacement for Posterous (shutting down next month).

Here’s a 2 minute snippet from the iPhone of a post to our EAA284 site. Let’s see if the video shows up via Postie.

EDIT: Still had to tweak the code … but I’m learning to post via email.


  • Abe Stoddard

    Is the sound coming from the Jambox?

    • Yes. Recorded with my iPhone and sent the video to YouTube. The sound from the Jambox is very good IF you are sitting reasonably close. I’m very happy with these little speakers. The battery life is pretty decent too.

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