Speed limits on some Ohio roads change to 70 mph today

Posted By on July 15, 2013

There are now 570 miles of Ohio roads where we legally can drive 70 mph (below).

The following sections will allow 70 mph travel …

• Interstate 76: From outside Akron going east to the west of Youngstown.

• Interstate 77: From outside of Canton south to the West Virginia border.

• Interstate 71: From the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge in southwest Ohio to south of the Cuyahoga-Medina county border, excluding the Columbus area.

• Interstate 70: From the Indiana border to outside Wheeling, W.Va., excluding the Dayton, Columbus and Zanesville areas.

• Interstate 75: From outside of Toledo heading south to north of Dayton, excluding the Findlay and Lima areas.

• Interstate 90: From outside of Cleveland east to the Pennsylvania border.

Nationwide, 35 states now have a speed limit of 70 mph or higher.




  • This will be nice as I head north to the UP this coming weekend

    • Wouldn’t ya know it goes up to 70 mph after I start driving a 1982 car that has to run over 3000 rpm at these speeds — of course this could be that I’m just overly sensitive when listening to the old diesel pumping at near wide open throttle? (actually 70 isn’t the problem … it’s 85mph that seems to be wound out!)

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