Is Atlantic White Shark Conservancy sending a wrong message?

Posted By on February 23, 2014

Ocean and marine life preservation is a noble cause and something I’ve supported and have been part of since the 1970’s, but I’m not fond of sending misleading messages.


The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s ecommerce “shop” website is using an attention getting image (artwork) portraying a diver swimming face to face with a Great White Shark an encounter few would advise. There are better ways to promote research, tracking and awareness than including this kind of image considering what thrill seekers might take away from such an image (we already have enough “unprovoked” shark attacks).

awsc_homepage_image facetofacegreatwhiteart


  • jen-van-grot

    Can’t believe someone would go nose to nose with a Great White Shark?

    • Tony Almeida

      That’s not real,it’s artwork.

  • bozo

    it’s a woman and great whites are man eaters… she is safe

  • Mr Bee

    Its fake

  • ScubaJoe

    I’m guessing that was the point of Rich’s post … “artwork” like this is misleading when it comes to swimming cage-less with Great White Sharks.

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