Katelyn looks good in her new 2014 Nissan Juke

Posted By on April 16, 2014


It is official … my daughter Katelyn is no longer driving a Volkswagen, let alone a TDI. She made the decision to go with a Nissan Juke which has her really excited. So far she loves this little cute CUV, although definitely will miss her little diesel. The new Juke has all the features she was looking for and was at a price point that made it more affordable than the Tiguan. Great technology, good gas mileage 27/32 mpg, sporty turbocharged engine, all wheel drive, great quality fit and finish along with snazzy youthful styling that appeals to Katelyn … and did I say is was RED?

Katelyn2014NissanJuke_insid Katelyn2014NissanJuke_rear
I can’t wait to see it … but also worry that my wife Brenda will want a new car. Smile


  • karnark

    How American of you.

    • I’ve long ago caved the “world economy” philosophy that capitalism and free trade are much better than closed doors and protectionism. I’m certainly not against the “buy American” sentiments, but we need to figure out how to compete in a world arena. Currently it is difficult to know what components and assemblies … let alone what dollars stay (or return buying other American products). If we were smart, we would do more to create incentives for ALL companies to locate in the US … offering more manufacturing jobs here. We can’t do it when our corporate tax structure is the highest.

  • Looks like this little sporty four door CUV will bring home the groceries too. I really loved the super functional fold flat rear seats … which are the best I’ve ever seen. This is a hidden gem of vehicle, EPA rated 27 city 32hwy on “regular gas” is as comfortable and fun to drive as any small or mid-sized SUV I’ve driven (yes she let me test drive it last night). 🙂 Superb choice Katelyn!

  • Worth updating 7/30/2017: My daughter’s lease is over for the slightly disappointing Nissan Juke. It has been a solid and reliable car for the past 3 years she has lived in Wayzata, Minnesota … but the fuel economy for a small CUV and SIZE OF THE FUEL TANK a real disappointment for over the road trips. The least was over sometime in July, but since they were moving back, it did not make sense to drive both cars back only to turn one in. Next step … start shopping for a replacement??? (New 2018 VW Tiguan is in her sights … we’ll see what she thinks when they arrive for a test drive)

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