TechFriday: How-to video for replacing an iPhone5 battery

Posted By on June 13, 2014

It will soon be time to replace the battery in my iPhone 5, and rather than drive to the Apple store and pay them the $80 to do it, it might be worth spending a few dollars on a tool kit and a battery in order to replace it myself. Wish me luck.


  • Jeff

    Did you replace the battery and save any money? How hard was it?

    • Sorry Jeff. Just saw your question waiting in the queue.

      Yes I replaced it and saved quite a few dollars. The $3.99 cheaper set of tools that I went will had a couple lousy pry tools and I ended up “carefully” using a razor blade and then the plastic pry tool. All in all, I would do it again and highly recommend it to anybody with a reasonable degree of dexterity and good eyesight! 🙂

      I’m still wondering if the $4.50 battery is of decent quality. They looked the same and the printing on the back of mine said “Sony” — not a bad name???

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