Ting and Freedompop – A successful week only using wireless

Posted By on October 29, 2014

Since moving away from Sprint and finally down to two cellphones in the family …except for a couple of spare emergency “burner” phones (grin) –one with my overseas travel SIM and the other a Samsung Galaxy S2 total free wireless plan on Freedompop. The point is that we were able to travel comfortably with our two iPhones (5 and 5s) and stayed connection 95% of the time using the low-cost Freecompop MiFi hotspot (paying $7.98/mo for LTE & 3G and rollover data) and the new Ting month to month mobile phone plan (although data rates are still a little high to tether). I ran Waze for GPS maps and navigation down and back from Ohio to Florida full time on my iPhone 5s and Brenda was on and off her phone regularly.

We used both phone and hotspot a bit more sparingly than normally – unlike a work trip or connected to “free” wifi, but so far I’ve been very please with both services. If you desire to move away from a contract plan and slim down your monthly wireless bill … and can live with 1 year old equipment, give Ting a try for your smartphones and Freedompop a try for your “limited” Internet connections (current Ting usage below).


As a comparison: We switched from an unlimited Sprint plan (two phones $120) to the tiered Ting month to month plan … and it look as if we’ll save at least $50/month. I only wish we could keep our data under 1GB/mo … but it is nearly impossible.

Disclaimer: I use a couple of VOIP apps on my phone (Freedompop and Google Hangouts) and computer to make outbound phone calls … reducing the number of minutes billed to Ting and Apple’s Facetime for calls with the family.


  • Jeremy Shields

    I’m thinking about switching phone carriers but it does not look like Ting will let me buy a new iPhone? Don’t you have a new one?

    • Jeremy,
      The newest models are not permitted on Ting. ie. iPhone 6 and 6plus. The newest permitted is the 5s (my current phone).

  • Linh Nguyen

    I’m thinking of buying a freedompop hotspot (currently on sale for 49.99+tax) to use the free 500MB for my Ting phone. Currently, I’m using a medium data plan ~120MB. What do you think? Would the hotspot enable me to use high-speed internet? In the future, could I use the hotspot if I buy an AT&T or T-mobile phone?

    • Linh,
      I’ve been using both now and am pretty happy with the combination for low data and phone data use. If you are in need of more data, there might be better options. Currently we try to keep our phone “wireless” data use to under 1 GB per month with Ting and find that it is a good value. Once over 1 GB on Ting the jump of $18/mo seems to eat into our savings. If I travel much in a month, we tend to go over and our bill goes over $90 for 2 phones.

      As for Freedompop and the WiFi hotspot for computer use, I’m satisfied with paying for rollover data in order to “bank” a bit to use when I need it. I also pay for fallback 3G service so I can still access the Internet in weak areas BUT am thinking about canceling that service now that Sprint LTE has a much bigger footprint (backbone for Freedompop).

      Another option for very low data demand is to tether your Ting phone to the computer/tablet. The feature works well and is free … but Ting’s data rate is high as of 2014-2015. I’m hoping they can lower data pricing to compete with other companies competing in this space.

      I hope this helps … let me know what you decide.

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